A Unique Concept in Heated Clothing

The HEATJAC Freeze-no-mORe was developed for OR personnel, particularly anesthesia providers sitting for hours on end doing anesthesia for surgical cases in freezing cold Operating Rooms.  Developed by a MD who like most MDs, wanted to put the best product out there.

These can be powered off of a Battery for complete mobility. Provides heat for up to 13 hours. More than any low-priced product with the “Orange Hot Glow”. Compare if you’d like. If not satisfied – full money back guarantee.

They can be plugged into an electrical outlet using our 12V, 7.5 Amp Transformer while sitting inside to allow for a lower thermostat settings and money savings on your heating bill.

They can be ideal for motorcycle and snowmobile riders who seek to enjoy long, uninterrupted rides (this requires our various included adapters depending upon “your ride”).  It functions as a “Heated Kidney Belt”. It not only provides warmth while facing undesirable temperatures, it also can serve as a pain reliever for strained or sore lower back muscles often present after hours of riding. Provides temperatures of 110 degrees to your lower back while heating the rest of you in a much bigger way.

No matter what you’re doing outdoors for work or play, the Freeze-no-mORe Heated Torso Belt can also function as a Heated Back Support and provide the most amount of warmth under one’s jacket or coat at the same time by virtue of its patented design. 

Additional Uses:

  • Warm up your sleeping bag while hiking at higher elevations.
  • Wear it while shoveling snow.
  • Turn any of your jackets, coats, and camo into heated jackets, coats and camo, and do it in a big way, as the heat produced is more than any product out there, and it is directed outward, away from your torso, as a “Wearable Radiator”.
  • Wear it on the golf course as well. Will let you play in colder weather and not  interfere with your swing.
  • For women with menstrual cramps, turn it around to have the middle pad over your pelvis, while still keeping the pockets facing outward away from your body. Can keep you warm and comfortable as well.