Frequently Asked Questions

Freeze no mORe Heated Garment

Which power system is best for me?

The choice of power system depends on your mobility requirement.

If you are mostly stationary e.g anesthesia providers and perfusionists the Transformer power source is best

If you need be on the move e.g perioperative nurses the battery powered is ideal

When I switch between settings why is there not an immediate increase or decrease in temperature noted?

This is because the Freeze no mORe is a slow changing heat providing system much like a radiant heat system in a house. Give it time for changes to be noticed.

Can the Freeze no mORe be used without the insulating pads?

Absolutely not. The insulating pads are made from a special material called which can reflect 95% of the radiant heat produced. The other component is polyester stuffing which also provides a degree of protection. The heat from this device is meant to be directed outward, between one’s scrub shirt and scrub warm-up jacket or surgical gown. The heating elements do get hot and should NEVER be used facing the skin.

Can the Freeze no mORe belt laundered?

Yes. First remove the heating pads (see the instructions for use), and the insulating pads. Launder it with a cold-water, gentle cycle, and then hang dry. After dry, replace the insulating pads and heating pads, or just the insulating pads if using the air-activated model.

Will the Freeze no mORe work when worn exposed?

The Freeze nO mORe is meant to be a personal item brought into the OR unexposed, over a scrub top and under our insulating vest and then under a scrub warm-up jacket or surgical gown or whatever you typically wear in an effort to keep warm. It can also be worn over a tee shirt and then under a scrub top, with using the Remote FOB, but this set-up may be a little cumbersome to do a battery change.

Does the Freeze No mORe meet AORN requirements?

The Freeze No mORe is composed of materials that are AORN acceptable, but for the most part, it is to be worn unexposed to the OR and therefore it also meets with AORN requirements. There is no endorsement of this garment, at the present time by AORN.

How many times can the battery be re-charged?

The battery is designed to go through 500 cycles of charging and use.

Why do I notice the lower numbers indicating the amount of charge remaining decreasing quicker than the higher numbers?

The battery has internal controls to help maintain the temperature output. As the battery is depleted, more energy is required to keep the output (and temperature) constant. As a result of this the duration of going from 9 to 8 or 8 to 7, is longer than going from 4 to 3 or 3 to 2.

Why do I notice the numbers indicating remaining charge flashing for numbers 2, 1, and 0?

Flashing numbers is just an indicator that the battery is almost completely discharged.

HOT LINER Body Heat Reflective Veest

Can the air-activated warmers be re-used?

Yes. The exothermic reaction can be terminated by placing the warmer into a ziplock bag. Try to eliminate most of the air from the bag prior to sealing. When opened, and exposed to air, they’ll heat again. 

Once the air-activated warmers seem to be cooling off, can anything be done to get additional warmth from them?

They can be removed from the pockets and gently shaken. Try to keep the contents evenly distributed to have the most surface area, and then replace the warmers into the pockets.

Can the Hot Liner be laundered?

This vest is able to be laundered by itself, in cold water, gentle cycle, hang dry. Prior to laundering, be sure to remove any leftover warmers. No need to launder frequently as it is worn over scrubs and protected by being worn under a scrub warm-up jacket or surgical gown.


Is the CoolHeating product reposable?

If taken care of, and tied loosely around the torso, it can last for weeks.