Heated Motorcycle Jacket System

heated motocycle jacket system

Convert any motorcycle jacket into a heated jacket with one of our personal radiator systems, and stay toasty warm wherever your biking adventures take you.

OperationHeatJac TRO

Worn around your middle this unique garment houses 3 heating pads that are powered directly from your motorcycle power port, and the output is controlled by the controller of your choice, bluetooth or wired. It will keep you warmer than any of the leading heated jacket liners. Temperatures as high as 160s/170s on the maximum output! The patented design directs the heat away from your torso to fill the space between your shirt and jacket with warmth. 

OperationHeatJac Original

No motorcycle power port, no worries. OperationHeatJac Original is a custom designed vest made of heat reflective material and inner pockets for air activated warmers.