Operation Heatjac Systems


OPERATIONHEATJAC® puts an end to the misery of freezing in the operation room. Our simple heated garments effectively provides warmth and comfort to OR staff and meets AORN standards.

HOT LINER: Quick Facts

  • Simple vest which reflects 95% of your body's radiant heat
  • Cab be supercharged by inserting air activated hand warmers into it's 6 inside pockets or adding a battery powered heating pad
  • Available in 4 sizes and washable

CoolHeating : Quick Facts

  • Disposable belt that offers options for both heating and cooling
  • Can be billed under PPE

Additional Benefits

Read our Research Study

An Observational Study to Evaluate Infection Risk in Two Staff Warming Devices and a Review of Current Literature into Thermal Comfort in the OR and Beyond

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