OPERATIONHEATJAC Introduces A New Product!!

We now have the only portable total OR personnel heating package conforming to AORN requirements.

Introducing the OPERATIONHEATJAC Insulating Vest

insulating vest

Our vest is to be worn over your scrub top and OPERATIONHEATJAC belt and under a typical scrub warm-up jacket. As some hospitals provide thin, what seems to be paper, “warm-up” jackets, having an insulting layer underneath to keep the heat in is needed.

Our vest is NOT a single or few uses product. It is washable (cold water, gentle cycle, hang dry), the same as our belts, once the heating pads and insulating pads are removed, and then replaced when dry.

The vest pocket is designed and positioned to accommodate our 11.1V, 5200 mAh battery, and one may find this to be the more comfortable option over placing the battery within the second pocket of the double pocket of the belt located behind the insulating pad.

The vest will be sold as part of the one of the four OPERATIONHEATJAC heated garment systems

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