Our unique heated garment was designed with OR staff in mind … see what they have to say.

“I am the kind of person that is always cold. Working in a hospital is always hard because they keep the hospital so cold. When I started having to work in an OR which is even colder, it was a struggle. When I was given the opportunity to wear the OPERATIONHEATJAC it helped me get through my shift. The battery heated garment is really nice to wear because it is lightweight and can easily be worn under my warm-up jacket. It is portable so it is still very easy to move around and do my work.”

Kim Tuohy, RN

I wore the OPERATIONHEATJAC  BTR 2600 battery heated garment for approximately 6 hours and also tried it with the Transformer Set.  During this time, aside from warmth, I hardly noticed the device! It is not at all cumbersome when performing nursing activities and is not bulky under a scrub top.  It feels like walking around with a portable Bair Hugger!  The warmer is easy to use and makes hanging out in cold ORs much more comfortable. These warming units are great at work and would be amazing for any outdoor winter or fall activity!

Sara Krol, BSN, RN

I have tried the OPERATIONHEATJAC for few months now.  I use it at work in the Operating Room but also when I take it home to wash it on the weekends.  I’m always cold, so this battery heated garment is amazing.  Just what I needed!  It gives me good feeling of being warm!  Made from the most comfortable material, it enables you to wear fewer layers under so you don’t feel “bulky” that prevents you from moving around.  Great feeling!  I love it!

I recommend the OPERATIONHEATJAC to healthcare professionals but also for other purposes especially if you live in colder climate or are working outside.  It changes the idea of comfort!!!

Lydia, RN