Frequently Asked Questions

In General

Can the OPERATIONHEATJAC® be a tax-deductible item?

When I switch between settings why is there not an immediate increase or decrease in temperature noted?

Which system is best for me?

Can the OPERATIONHEATJAC® be used without the insulating pads?

When I roll the edge of the OPERATIONHEATJAC® to make it one or two inches narrower in width, I notice an increased tightness of the garment. What should I do?

Can the OPERATIONHEATJAC® be laundered?

Will the OPERATIONHEATJAC® work when worn exposed?

Does the OPERATIONHEATJAC® meet AORN requirements?

Can I use the OPERATIONHEATJAC® BTR with the Transformer?

Can the OPERATIONHEATJAC® TRO model be battery powered?

Can the OPERATIONHEATJAC® BTR heating pads be removed and replaced with the OPERATIONHEATJAC® TRO heating pads?


How many times can the battery be re-charged?

How can this system provide enough heat for the duration of my shift?

Why do I notice the lower numbers indicating the amount of charge remaining decreasing quicker than the higher numbers?

Why do I notice the numbers indicating remaining charge flashing for numbers 2, 1, and 0?

Why are the heating pads of the OPERATIONHEATJAC® BTR smaller in size than the ones used in the OPERATIONHEATJAC® TRO?

Why do the OPERATIONHEATJAC® BTR heating pads provide higher temperatures, for the most part, on the high setting than the OPERATIONHEATJAC® TRO heating pads?

I noticed the 11.1V, 5200 mAh, Lithium-Ion battery contains a USB port. Will this have any effect on the duration of heating, if I am concurrently using the USB for my phone?


For whom was this model created?

What happens if I need to get up attend to something else in the OR, or take the patient to the PACU?


Are the warmers to be used with the OPERATIONHEATJAC® Original any different than what’s out there?

Can the air-activated warmers be re-used?

Once the air-activated warmers seem to be cooling off, can anything be done to get additional warmth from them?

Can this vest be laundered?