OPERATIONHEATJAC (Our Healthcare Division) – Products designed for anesthesia providers, perfusionists, perioperative nurses, and surgeons. As Operating Rooms (ORs) are typically too cold for some personnel, garments were designed to function as a personal wearable radiator, to be worn unexposed, over a scrub top, and under a scrub warm-up jacket or a surgical gown, in compliance with AORN requirements. If the OR is too warm for the surgeon and some nurses, we have come up with a simple personal cooling system, the OPERATIONHEATJAC Cooling Belt. This can either be worn over a scrub top and under a sterile surgical gown or under a scrub top. Our design minimizes extra material that may add to warmth.

Battery Powered Systems

Great for OR personnel who need to move around.

Battery or Transformer Powered Systems

Power source flexibility

Transformer Powered

Perfect for OR personnel who are stationary

Insulated Vest with air activated warmers

Our most cost effective way to stay warm in the OR