Powered BY Air-Activated Warmers


Most versatile garment ever! Folds up to almost nothing. Like a windbreaker on steroids!The HOT LINER  reflects 95% of radiant (body) heat. Add in the warmers and you’re cooking. Two larger inside pockets for anything else you’d like with you.

Perfect for camping, hiking, watching your kid play sports in the cold, fishing,  those with Raynaud’s Golfers and professional sports coaching staff. Also great for keeping passengers on your motorcycle toasty warm.

Designed to be worn under a jacket or coat.


  1. Super Comfortable
  2. The vest can be completely covered by your coat
  3. Easily regulate the heat by increasing or decreasing the number of air-activated warmers used.
  4. Easy to don and doff.
  5. Able to be laundered. Be sure to remove any leftover warmers. Wash in cold water, gentle cycle, hang dry.


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  • Liner vest with Mesh Pockets Inside
  • FREE for a limited time! Carton of 60 OPERATIONHEATJAC® Brand Air-Activated Warmers

Temperatures and Duration


  Under coat
Temperature 150-120 deg. F
Duration 6-12 hours

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in
Sizing: Find the largest part of your upper body and measure your size in inches.

Small: If you measure 36" to 39", Medium: If you measure 40" to 44", Large: If you measure 45" to 49", X-Large: If you measure 50" to 55"