Electric Heated Belt Bundle


This unique electric heated garment  is powered from your motorcycle battery to keep you toasty warm on the open road. Simply attached the belt system around your torso and plug into your motorbike battery with the included adapter, Great for Snowmobile riders too.


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  • Belt with Insulating Pads
  • Set of Three 8” by 5” Heating Pads
  • P25P25 Adapter
  • FIRSTGEAR Single Portable Legacy Heat-Troller


Temp setting from the 170s to the 100s. High heat is possible by virtue of unique patented design.


  • The heat is thrown out away from the body.
  • Heats in a BIGGER way than any existing motorcycle jacket liner at a SMALLER price.
  • Will throw off 170s degrees F. When connected up to your motorcycle battery.
  • A small amount of heat can be felt over the lumbar spine to relieve muscle spasm.
  • It also can serve as a kidney belt.


Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 4 in

Small: Torso 29" to 35", Medium: Torso 35" to 41", Large: Torso 41" to 47", X-Large: Torso 47" to 59"