Staff Purchase:OPERATIONHEATJAC Original Vest


This insulating vest incorporates 6 inside pockets designed to hold air activates warmers. Great for Perioperative nurses, Techs, Assistants & Anesthesia providers whose place of work provide the warmers as part of a cost sharing initiative. The vest is to be worn under your scrub warm-up jacket or surgical gown and can also be used with warmed-up bags of IV fluid.


  1. Super Comfortable
  2. The vest can be completely covered by your scrub warm-up jacket or surgical gown.
  3. Easy to don and doff.
  4. Pockets can be filled with our Air Activated warmers  or warmed up bags of IV fluid
  5. Able to be laundered.Wash in cold water, gentle cycle, drip dry. No need to launder frequently as it’s worn over scrubs and
    protected by being worn under a scrub warm-up jacket or surgical gown.



  • Insulating Vest – to be worn under a scrub warm-up jacket

Temperatures and Duration

  Under Scrubs
Temperature 150 -140 deg. F 130- 120 deg. F
Duration First 4 hrs up to 12hrs

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 4 in
Sizing: Find the largest part of your upper body and measure your size in inches.

Small: If you measure 36" to 39", Medium: If you measure 40" to 44", Large: If you measure 45" to 49", X-Large: If you measure 50" to 55"