Electric Heated Garment


This unique electric heated garment is great for OR personnel who are stationary the majority of the time such as anesthesia providers and perfusionists. Simply plug the 12V transformer into an acceptable outlet, (comes with a 15 foot power cord), and use the controller to regulate temperature.  When you need to get up to attend to something or go to the PACU, simply unplug the connector between the controller and heating elements.  When you return the setting will be unchanged.


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  • Belt with Insulating Pads
  • Set of Three 8” by 5” Heating Pads
  • 12V, 7.5A Transformer with 15ft US Power Cord
  • 4 Level Controller

Temperatures and Duration

Transformer Setting
100% (red) 75% (yellow) 50% (green) 25% (green/blue flashing)
Temperature 160s deg. F 140s deg. F 120s deg. F 100s deg. F
Duration infinite infinite infinite infinite


  • Electric heated garment with temperature controller
  • Maximum heating surface compare to other OPERATIONHEATJAC models
  • No need to switch out power source – you will stay warm your entire shift

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 4 in

Small: Torso 29" to 35", Medium: Torso 35" to 41", Large: Torso 41" to 47", X-Large: Torso 47" to 59"