OPERATIONHEATJAC® puts an end to the misery of freezing in the operation room. It is a simple electric/battery heated garment with a unique design that allows core body heat to be easily maintained and serves as a personal radiator. Worn over scrubs and then under a surgical gown it meets meets AORN standards and effectively provides warmth and comfort to OR staff. >> LEARN MORE


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An Observational Study Evaluating Infection Risk in Two Staff Warming Devices and a Review of Current Literature into Thermal Comfort in the Operating Room and Beyond


Convert any motorcycle jacket into a heated jacket with one of our personal radiator systems that is powered directly from your motorcycle power port. The patented design directs the heat away from your torso to fill the space between your shirt and jacket with warmth, keeping you toasty warm wherever your biking adventures take you.


From watching winter sporting events or a walk in the wilderness don’t let the cold drive you inside. Add “super warming power” to any of your cold weather clothing with a unique battery heated garment.  Worn around your middle, HEATJAC keeps you toasty warm like a personal radiator. Any coat can be quickly and easily converted to a battery heated jacket.